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ADVANSA and Standard Fiber Announce Partnership for European Market


ADVANSA has teamed up with Standard Fiber, ‎N°.1 supplier of bedding components to the USA, in a partnership designed to bring Standard Fiber’s innovative range of textile products to bedding companies across Europe, which will complement ADVANSA's offer of polyester fibres, both branded and standard.

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What's new ?

Comforel® pillow with AGR certification

Comforel®, the tried-and-tested brand featuring original fiber clusters for pillows, has now been awarded the "Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V." (Healthy Back Campaign - AGR) seal of approval, an acknowledgement by the AGR of the back-friendly effect and support for the head and neck area provided by pillows (40×80) filled with Comforel® fiber clusters.

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INVISTA Acquires ADVANSA’S Specialty Polyester Apparel Assets and Related Technologies

"Transaction will significantly strengthen ADVANSA's balance sheet”

ADVANSA and INVISTA (one of the world’s largest producers of polymers and fibers) have reached an agreement whereby INVISTA acquired ADVANSA’s assets related to the Specialty Polyester products sector for apparel end uses.

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ADVANSA goes one step further in its sustainable production with the cooperation of the German chemical industry. For the first time, an entire industry - consisting of associations, and unions and employers - will work together to make sustainable development a guiding principle and an obligation towards present and future generations.