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Sustainability for Generations

The ADVANSA Sustainability Program is a holistic company approach to continuously improve upon safety, health and environment (S.H.E). Our goal is to eliminate waste, occupational hazards and environmental pollution while making careful use of our environmental resources for the betterment of generations to come.


ADVANSA controls and analyses possible risks in all operations undertaken. All employees are expected to comply with company procedures and values. Safety or environmental incidences are rare occurrences in which lessons must be learned. Accident and health protection off-site are also very important to us and they are regularly monitored as well. Thanks to the cooperation and attentiveness of our employees, we celebrated our sixth year without any injuries in May of 2018.


ADVANSA is committed to creating a safe, healthy and sustainable environment for its employees on and off-site. They are trained on occupational safety and health on a regular basis and we believe this plays a major role in the overall safety and success of the company.


ADVANSA's goal is to provide sustainable products by constantly improving the environmental quality of its products and manufacturing processes. Environmental contributions include a recycling program that converts post-consumer secondary raw materials into high-quality polyester. Other factors in environmental performance include measures and investments to reduce waste, water and energy. 

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Technology that cares

At ADVANSA our mission is to continuously innovate with superior and sustainable fibre solutions, combining the best in comfort and functionality with environmental responsibility.

Contact us today to build a program using one of our fibrefills made with Technology That Cares.
In the meantime click on this film to learn more about our sustainable program...