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Experience the Fibre World of ADVANSA at INDEX 20! POSTPONED TO SEPTEMBER 2021

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We are pleased to invite you to visit us at INDEX 20 to find out more about ADVANSA´s latest innovations of technically advanced & sustainable polyester fibres.

ADVANSA will be showcasing its latest products ADVA® Blue and ADVA® MegaBond.

ADVA® Blue is a new polyester fibre of the Engineered Fibres Segment, for sustainable products applicable for various enduses.

The result of a partnership with social enterprise Plastic Bank - globally recognized as one of the leading solutions to stop ocean plastic. This new polyester fibre is made from recycled ocean-bound plastic called Social Plastic®, which helps solve the problem of ocean and beach plastic, one of the most urgent environmental problems of our time. The goal is to help prevent and reduce the flow of plastic waste into our oceans or beaches, in coastal regions that do not have efficient and formal waste or recycling systems, while at the same time opening up new opportunities for people living in poverty.

Plastic Bank is encouraging people to collect plastic waste before entering the oceans and rivers to make impactful changes towards saving the environment and create value for themselves in order to improve their quality of life. Plastic Bank offers collectors incentives in cash or as Blockchain-secured digital tokens that increase their income and provide better opportunities for themselves and their families. The Social Plastic® created from Plastic Bank ecosystems helps people living in poverty build a better future and improve the environment.

The plastic collected by Plastic Bank is cleaned and recycled, becoming Social Plastic®, then used by ADVANSA as a valuable raw material in the manufacture of high-quality polyester fibres for ADVA® Blue.  

ADVA® MegaBond represents ADVANSA's new product family of binder fibres. They are characterised by an amorphous polymer structure which would provide thermal formability.

These products are offered for dry laid and wet laid nonwoven processes. Among its portfolio, ADVANSA offers very fine fibres linear density, which – so far - are rarely available on the market. The finest fibres are available at the range of 1.6 dtex.

The binding fibres are used in combination with crystalline PET fibres. This gives the nonwoven a self-reinforcing property which is triggered by thermal treatment. The end product can be moulded into any shape to fit the technical needs.

The articles manufactured in this way are stable and can be exposed to high temperatures. The technology can replace for example injection moulding. It can also be used for applications such as fine-pored filters.

In contrast to products containing bi-component or chemical binders, products made of pure polyester are particularly suitable for recycling. Both, industrial waste and finished products after their life cycle, could be reintroduced to the recycling system.

For more information about this latest innovation, please visit our product presentation at INDEX 20, INDEX Lab, Room R (Hall 3), new dates avaiable soon.

All trade fair highlights and more information available at

INDEX 20 - Palexpo Geneva / Switzerland; ADVANSA in Hall 4 Stand 4326 NEW DATES 07.- 10. SEPTEMBER 2021