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Construction Industry

Products made of synthetic fibres as well as nonwovens made of these fibres are used in different applications in the construction industry.

Fibres of various polymers, e.g. PET, PP, PE, PAN are used as reinforcements and as nonwovens for insulation and filtration. A large number of products for floor and wall coverings contain fibres. The removal of the nonwoven wallpaper is simple as the PET fibre ingredient prevents tearing; ensuring a dry peel off the wallpaper.

Synthetic fibres are also used in light-frame construction, as the use generates a significant weight reduction of the components.

PP fibres in concrete constructions also provide fire safety.

Application areas

  • Concrete
  • Bitumen
  • Colour
  • Plaster, concrete floor and mortar
  • Asphalt
  • Acoustic and Thermal insulation
  • Air and water filtration
  • Nonwoven wallpaper
  • Moisture absorption of nonwovens