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Sustainable fiberfill and innovative comfort products

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ADVANSA, one of the leading suppliers of polyester fibre for duvets and pillows, presented innovative ideas, new concepts and sustainable products at Heimtextil from 10-13th January, 2023, first time back in presence after three years, that bring new opportunities to the bedding market. Apart from the further developments of sustainable filling fibres, innovations for improving and optimizing sleep are the core competence of the trade fair presentation.

DACRON® with Activated Charcoal – purifying comfort
The new moisture-absorbing and odor-reducing filling fibre DACRON® with Activated Charcoal contains activated charcoal particles from the carbonation of organic materials of 100% natural plant origin. During fibre production, the activated charcoal is homogeneously incorporated into the polymer. DACRON® with Activated Charcoal is a hydrophilic, bulky and soft hollow fibre that provides comfortable support in pillows and good thermal insulation for duvets. The fibre is valued especially for its purifying comfort, anti-odour properties and its moisture management. In addition, the fibre can reduce static charges and thus ensure better sleep.

DACRON® EcoEnergy - keeps sleepers warm even at low room temperatures
The fibres incorporate natural minerals, which convert body heat into infrared energy and reflect to the body, thus creating a deep warming effect. The functional fibre with the incorporated minerals is combined with a siliconized hollow fibre. This creates a comforting and relaxing deep warmth and optimised insulation properties by reflecting the long-wave infrared radiation of the body. The fusion with the high bulk fibers results in an optimized insulation capacity for pleasant warmth. Thus, DACRON® EcoEnergy will help to keep sleepers warm at night even at low room temperatures.
The effectiveness of the FIR fibers on the human body is scientifically recognized. The products are machine washable and suitable for tumble drying.

Comforel® Coolnight - ideal filling material for ergonomic pillows
Comforel® Cool Night is a filling fibre for ergonomic pillows and a new member of the broad Comforel® brand family. This new filling material is a combination of ball-fibre and memory foam chips. It effectively adapts to the contours of the head and neck, providing excellent neck support and muscle tension relief. The special Air Flow Crimp technology of the fibre ensures superior heat dissipation. The hydrophilic surface treatment of the fibre optimises moisture transport. Comforel® Cool Night offers breathable sleeping comfort with optimal air circulation and is certified by AGR (Campaign for Healthier Backs), Federal Association of German Back Schools (BdR) e.V. and the Association Forum Healthy Back e.V. – Better Living. Comforel® Cool Night pillows were tested by the Research Society for Industrial Anthropology in Kiel in 2022 and the thermal properties were confirmed.

DACRON® Re-Comfort - filling fibre made from recycled bottles and recycled textile waste
The latest product from ADVANSA’s sustainable Eco Origin™ program is DACRON® Re-Comfort, a 100 percent recycled fibre for duvets and pillows, produced with 80% flakes from recycled plastic bottles and 20% pre-consumer textile waste. Textile waste from the textile industry is processed and then converted into high-quality raw material resulting in a sustainable filling fibre that provides softness and warmth in duvets and firm support in pillows.
According to a study, 99 percent of recycled polyester is made from bottle flakes. Bottle-to-Fibre recycling has significant sustainability benefits and can be seen as state of the art. At the same time, the global non-profit organization Textile Exchange is challenging the textile industry to increase the percentage of recycled polyester from 14 percent to 45 percent by 2025. The recycling of polyester from textiles has additional technical requirements.
ADVANSA aims to support that goal by using additional recycled textile scraps as a valuable raw material for polyester fibre production, which is used as a filling material for sustainable, high-quality and comfortable bedding.

Aerelle® Blue - new visual identity for fibrefill made from recycled Ocean Plastic
A new visual identity has been developed for Aerelle® Blue to emphasise the social aspects of the ocean stewardship while keeping the message of protecting the oceans by collecting plastic waste on beaches and coastal regions before it reaches the ocean. The new visual identity includes promotional communication tools such as displays, labels, etc, highlighting the Plastic Bank dashboard with information on ADVANSA’s contribution. Plastic Bank is globally recognised as one of the leading solutions to stop ocean plastic. The collected ocean-bound plastic waste is verified through Plastic Bank for which the collectors receive an income.