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Ежедневно ADVANSA использует более 2х миллионов переработанных бутылок в качестве сырья для производства волокна.

Экологически чистые волокна

ADVANSA производит волокна из экологически чистых материалов

Полилактид (ПЛА) являтся биоразлагаемым полиэфиром. Свойства волокон, изготовленных из данного полимера аналогичны свойствам волокон из ПЭТ, но ПЛА волокна поддаются биологическому разложению.


ADVA®eco is ADVANSA's innovative, high-quality fibre with an improved ecological balance, which was developed to improve sustainability. For the production of ADVA®eco, the PET polymer from traceable post-consumer secondary raw materials is used and converted into high-quality polyester fibres using a state-of-the-art production process.

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ADVA®terra fibres with enhanced biodegradability, are originating from 100% post-consumer PET bottles, engineered via proprietary modifications to provide biodegradation capabilities without sacrificing from favourable mechanical properties of PET. The material is available as water dispersible short cut fibre for the paper and wet laid nonwoven industry as well as staple fibre for dry laid nonwoves and tow for the floc industry in various fineness and cut length combinations. Biodegradable products made from ADVA®terra have the same properties as conventional non-biodegradable standard polyester fibres and can be processed just as easily, minimizing environmental consequences without sacrificing quality and performance.

Полиэфирные волокна ADVA® Blue, изготовленные с применением Social Plastic®, используются для производства нетканых материалов. Сырье для производства данных волокон происходит из пластиковых бутылок, которые собирают на побережьях разных стран с целью предотвращения их попадания в океаны.


Волокно Aerelle® Blue обладает сертификатами EU Umweltzeichen и GRS. Волокна наполнителя для подушек и одеял изготовлено из переработанного пластика от Plastic Bank®. Пластиковые бутылки собираются на побережье стран Азии и перерабатываются в высококачественное сырье для производства волокон.


Цели устойчивого развития

Advansa уже много лет активно работает в соответствии с целями устойчивого развития.

No poverty
With the processing of collected plastic waste into ADVA® Blue and Aerelle® Blue, ADVANSA contributes to create a social and environmental impact in coastal regions with high levels of poverty and with some highest rates of plastic pollution by turning plastic waste into currency, thus opening new opportunities for people in poverty.
Good health and well-being
ADVANSA is committed to health of his stakeholders: Consumers benefit from products regularly tested according to standards like FDA and European legislation for food contact materials, and numerous voluntary schemes like OekoTex standard 100. Products certified with German „Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V.“ certification actively facilitate a mindful handling of health. Employees’ health is protected through a „zero accident“ strategy, regular medical examination and vaccination at the workplace. Customers and citizens are protected by product facilities and processes not only compliant with local emission regulations, but also by fulfilling the voluntary requirements of the Detox campaign.
Gender equality
ADVANSA considers the principle of equal opportunities for all employers disregarded the gender, parentage or religion, as an essential component of the company culture. Respect, tolerance and promotion of the individual potentials of all - female and male employers - contribute to company’s success.
Clean water and sanitation
The production ADVANSA‘s core products – polyester fibre – have proven very low water use in particular for products made form recycled feedstock. Process water effluents are not only compliant with local emission regulations, but also by fulfilling the voluntary requirements of the Detox campaign Sophisticated technical specialities like ADVA® shortcut binder- and microfibres enable water desalination and purifation products: It is an essetial raw material for filtration and reverse osmosis processes.
Affordable and clean energy
Since 2012 ADVANSA has operated a certified energy management system according to DIN ISO 50001, which continuously ensures significant efficiency improvements in energy use and ecological resources. We reduce our energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions through a structured approach and clearly defined targets for a productive, safe and efficient workplace. Since 2007 ADVANSA has been a partner in the European Green Light programme, which has enabled ADVANSA to install more economically efficient lighting systems. In addition, since 2007 ADVANSA has participated in ECOPROFIT® (Ecological Projects for Integrated Environmental Technology). The basic idea of ECOPROFIT® is a win-win model to strengthen companies economically by using environmentally friendly technologies and at the same time improve the ecological situation in a region.
Decent work and economic growth
ADVANSA provides decent workplace, focus on zero accident policy with world class safety for all employees. Prevent discrimination, support full social rights and never engage in commercial activities whenever there is risk of child labor.
Industry, innovation and infrastructure
ADVANSA supports sustainable industry standards and work together with local authorities to participate in green energy projects. Diversify product portfolio to include evermore recycled offerings. Provide jobs for local economy while investing more to maintain her position as a competitive player.
Reduced inequalities
ADVANSA puts greater efforts to reduce inequality, especially through its partnership with Plastic Bank. People collecting the plastic get the opportunity to open a secure digital banking account as for the collection of plastic they get rewards through the blockchain-based platform – having better opportunities to invest more in health, education, social insurance, etc.
Responsible consumption and production
ADVANSA focuses on the use of raw materials and the associated environmental impact throughout the entire value chain. ADVANSA has been dealing with recycling for many years and has set itself the task of making secondary raw material applications with the highest quality requirements. These include e.g. Filtration applications, high quality paper or e.g. battery separators. These options create solutions that can serve the sustainable development goals in several ways. A recycled fiber used in a battery separator for producing a lithium ion battery in an electric vehicle would be a meaningful combination here.
Climate action
ADVANSA´s commitment to strengthen the future for next generations through a sustainable production is of utmost significance. Our daily work is to reduce our environmental impact and improve the sustainability of all our activities and products. ADVANSA's environmental performance includes a recycling programme that converts post-consumer secondary raw materials - plastic bottles into high quality polyester fibre. Remaining CO2 emissions from manufacturing can be compensated by investing in climate change projects. Since 2019 ADVANSA has been using valuable Social Plastic® as a raw material to tackle plastic waste before entering our oceans each year and against poverty in developing regions.
Life below water
Through the strategic partnership with Plastic Bank and with sustainable products and production innovations, ADVANSA is processing plastic waste collected from beaches and coasts worldwide before entering the oceans, which would have dramatic consequences for the marine ecosystem and considerable ecologic damage.
Partnerships for the goals
We believe that the global sustainability goals can only be reached together. New eco-friendly products are developed with our suppliers like Plastic Bank, customers and research institutes. In partnership with Natural Capital Partners, remaining CO2 emissions can be compensated by investing in sustainable projects. In cooperation with Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V., ADVANSA supports customers’ health.

Технологии, которые о Вас заботятся

ADVANSA стремится производить экологически чистые продукты, постоянно совершенствуя экологичность производственных процессов и чистоту используемого сырья, делая нас ближе к созданию экологичного будущего.

Посмотрите наш фильм, чтобы познакомиться с нашей продукцией, произведенной в соответствии с принципами устойчивого развития.


Устойчивое развитие для новых поколений

Программа устойчивого развития в ADVANSA является частью политики предприятия и представляет собой комплексный подход в области защиты безопасности, здоровья и окружающей среды. Нашей целью является предотвращение несчастных случаев, профессиональных заболеваний, загрязнения окружающей среды в процессе производственной деятельности, а также бережное обращение с природными ресурсами.


ADVANSA стремится „0“- несчастных случаев. Риски на предприятии  непрерывно анализируются, контролируются и на всех этапах производства сводятся к минимуму. Каждый сотрудник следует специально разработанным основам безопасности в своей повседневной деятельности. Для сотрудников так же проводятся регулярные тренинги по основам безопасности вне предприятия.


ADVANSA обязуется обеспечить своих сотрудников безопасными условиями труда, а так же проводить регулярные тренинги по охране здоровья на рабочем месте и территории завода. Регулярное активное участие наших сотрудников в тренингах по основам безопасности вне предприятия позволяет минимизировать риски за пределами завода.


ADVANSA стремится производить «зеленые» продукты, постоянно повышая экологическую читоту своей продукции и производственных процессов. Благодаря программе утилизации пластиковые бутылки, бывшие в употреблении, перерабатываются в высококачественные полиэфирные волокна, улучшая экологическую чистоту продукции. Другими направлениями программы по защите окружающей среды являются сокращение отходов, воды и энергии.


Sustainable Development Goals 2020

Advansa has been actively committed to implementing sustainable development goals since many years. These goals form a holistic concept that relates to the continuous improvement of safety aspects, health and the environment and is an integral part of our business policy.

ADVA Megabond 2020

ADVA® MegaBond is the latest generation of binding fibers for the nonwoven market. This revolutionary family of binding fibers is perfect for both wet-laid and dry-laid nonwovens. The fiber is supplied in an amorphous state and can be used in many combinations with other fibers to create a strong, self-reinforcing network that is 100% recyclable. ADVA® MegaBond stands for “Made in Gemany” quality and is intended to encourage new concepts in order to create better recycling options.

Social Plastic: Aerelle® Blue | ADVA® Blue 2019

Social Plastic®, sourced from the Plastic Bank ecosystem, helps people living in poverty to build a better future and improve the environment. ADVANSA is working with Plastic Bank to take action against plastic waste. Plastic waste (Social Plastic®) collected by the Plastic Bank is cleaned and recycled before it is used by ADVANSA as a valuable raw material for the production of filling fibers.

PLA 2018

PLA is the most widely used bioplastic made from renewable resources. The properties of fibers made from PLA are similar to those made from PET, but they are also biodegradable under specific conditions such as industrial composting. Therefore, they are widely used in packaging and in the medical and hygiene industries.

ADVA Eco 2017

ADVA®Staple in the ECO version is ADVANSA's innovative, high-quality fiber with an improved ecological balance, which was developed to improve sustainability. For the production of ADVA®Staple ECO, the PET polymer from traceable post-consumer secondary raw materials is used and converted into high-quality polyester fibers using a state-of-the-art production process.

Life Cycle Analysis 2010/2015

Independent LCA studies have confirmed the low carbon footprint of ADVANSA fibres. The eco2 logo from ADVANSA is designed to demonstrate the importance of environmental protection and the direct co-responsibility of the consumer. This communication tool is available for the entire range of environmentally friendly filling materials produced with our low carbon technology.


CO2 neutral fibers 2014

Carbon compensation, equivalent to the remaining CO2 emissions, is achieved through investments in ecological programs in partnership with Natural Capital Partners.

Carbon credits are invested in projects such as the reduction of deforestation in Borneo rain-forest to protect the biodiversity, investment in wind power in India or cook-stoves in Mexico.


Global Recycled Standard 2012

ADVANSA has been awarded the prestigious GRS certification for its Eco2 low carbon fibre technology certifying the use of post consumer recycled material. The GRS is intended to meet the need of companies looking to verify the recycled content of their products (both finished and intermediate products) and to verify responsible social, environmental, and chemical practices in the production of these products.

The objectives of the GRS are to define requirements to ensure accurate content claims, good working conditions, and that harmful environmental and chemical impacts are minimized.


ISO 50001 2012

In 2012 ADVANSA achieved an energy certificate according to ISO 50001 to ensure a continuous improvement process in terms of usage of energy and ecological resources. We reduce our energy use and greenhouse gas emissions through structured approach and clearly defined goals for creating a productive, efficient and safe workplace.


EU Ecolabel 2007

The filling fibres awarded the European Union Ecolabel have passed rigorous compliance tests in a process verified by an independent, publicly accountable body, ensuring scientific reliability and environmental credibility.



ECOPROFIT®, the ECOlogical PROject For Integrated environmental Technology, is a program for sustainable economic development in which ADVANSA participates since 2007. The fundamental idea of ECOPROFIT® is a win-win-model as it tends to strengthen companies economically by using environmental-friendly technologies whilst simultaneously improving the ecological situation in a region. The main areas of focus are controlling waste, energy and material flow.


Green Light 2007

The European GreenLight program was developed to encourage large companies to install more economical lighting systems. Since 2007, ADVANSA is a partner of the European GreenLight program.



Öko-Tex® certification is awarded by the International Öko-Tex® Association of independent test institutes, and offers consumers a valuable product safety guarantee. Certification covers aspects such as colourfast capability, as well as avoidance of irritation, allergy and cancer risks.