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Sustainable fiberfill and innovative comfort products

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ADVANSA, one of the leading suppliers of polyester fibre for duvets and pillows, presented innovative ideas, new concepts and sustainable products at Heimtextil from 10-13th January, 2023, first time back in presence after three years, that bring new opportunities to the bedding market. Apart from the further developments of sustainable filling fibres, innovations for improving and optimizing…

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The ADVANSA Group, a leading polyester fibre supplier located in Hamm, Germany announces an administration procedure for its production unit ADVANSA Manufacturing GmbH.


The ADVANSA Group, a leading polyester fibre supplier located in Hamm, Germany announces an administration procedure for its production unit ADVANSA Manufacturing GmbH.

The company ADVANSA Manufacturing GmbH, located in Hamm, Germany, has today, submitted an application for the opening of insolvency proceedings to the local court of Dortmund. The local court approved the application and appointed…

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"The goal of ADVANSA is to develop a circular comfort by converting recycled textile waste into new high-tech fibres for comfortable and sustainable bedding material."

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Circularity and innovative solutions represent a significant opportunity for Germany-based polyester fibre producer ADVANSA who optimizes resources by recycling textile waste scraps giving them a new beginning as filling material. These scraps are depolymerised and then transformed into polymers to create high-quality fibres with premium comfort for duvets, pillows, and mattresses.

According to…

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"At ADVANSA our mission is to continuously innovate with superior and sustainable fibre solutions, combining the best in comfort and functionality with environmental responsibility."

Advansa's Management

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plasticbank® - One Billion Stopped

Mil millones de botellas de plástico oceánico recogidas


Hoy, nuestro socio Plastic Bank ha celebrado un paso clave con más de mil millones de botellas de plástico oceánico recogidas, lo que supone más de 20 millones de kilos de residuos de plástico que no entrarán en nuestros océanos. Desde 2019, trabajamos con Plastic Bank para detener el plástico de los océanos y mejorar vidas.

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ADVANSA Showroom 2021

Innovaciones 2021 - Presentación digital


Como no pudimos reunirnos con Ustedes en Heimtextil / Frankfurt, le presentamos nuestra sala de exposición virtual. Es una nueva forma de mostrarle nuestras innovaciones en fibras de relleno de poliéster para edredones, almohadas y colchones.

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Fibras de poliéster ADVA® Blue para la industria de los no tejidos - Fabricadas con Social Plastic®, una de las formas más reconocidas de combatir los residuos plásticos en el mar

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ADVANSA, who is co-operating with Plastic Bank, uses Social Plastic® as a valuable raw material in the manufacture of ADVA® Blue polyester fibres.

The portfolio “Made with Social Plastic® ” contains staple fibres, shortcut fibres and tow for various industries, e.g. hygiene and medicine, filtration, automotive, etc.

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Aerelle® Blue - La fibra reciclada para dormir bien en un Medio Ambiente mejor

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Se estima que hasta 10 millones de toneladas de residuos plásticos provenientes de zonas costeras acaban en el océano cada año. Podemos adoptar medidas para impedir que el plástico entre en nuestros océanos. Por esto, ADVANSA está cooperando con Plastic Bank, para eliminar el plástico del océano. El plástico recogido por Plastic Bank se limpia y recicla en Social Plastic® que ADVANSA utiliza como…

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ADVA® MegaBond: The Revolutionary Binder Fibre for Recyclable, Self-Reinforcing Nonwovens

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Hamm 02.04.2020: The fibre technologist ADVANSA / Germany has recently launched ADVA® MegaBond, the next generation in binding available for the nonwoven market. The company introduced this revolutionary new product family of binder fibre, perfectly suitable for both wetlaid and dry laid nonwovens. The fibre is supplied in amorphous state and can be used in many combinations with other fibres to…

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ADVANSA´s Update On The Company’s Ongoing Response To COVID-19


With the current increase of case numbers of COVID-19 diseases, ADVANSA welcomes the measures taken by the federal and state governments to combat the corona crisis and protect communities across the country.

ADVANSA is a manufacturer of engineered shortcut and staple fibres which are playing an essential role in the fight against the Coronavirus. These fibres are systemically relevant as input…

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