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Experience Sustainable Comfort with 100% Recycled, Recycable & Biodegradable ADVA®terra

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ADVANSA, a leader in innovative bedding solutions, is pleased to announce the introduction of ADVA®terra, a groundbreaking polyester filling fibre that is 100% recycled, recycable and biodegradable, designed to elevate the comfort and performance of pillows, mattresses, and duvets. With a unique blend of luxurious softness, optimal support, and enveloping warmth, ADVA®terra promises to transform bedding products while while optimizing their end-of-life, thereby contributing to the reduction of plastic and microplastic pollution in the environment.

ADVA®terra fibres offer a unique combination of durability and biodegradability. Made entirely from 100% recycled PET flakes sourced from plastic bottles, ADVA®terra fibres are also fully recyclable.

While recycling is certainly the preferred end of life solution, unfortunately, mass textile recycling is not available today and most textiles thrown away when no longer wanted, piling up in landfills.  In the absence of recycling options, or if fibres escape into the environment, contrary to standard synthetic fibres which last for hundreds of years, these fibres will break down in specific environments such as landfills or marine settings, thereby helping to reduce plastic and microplastic pollution.

Independent laboratories, through standardised tests (ASTM D5511/D6691), have confirmed the biodegradability of ADVA®terra, with over 85% degradation in less than 5 years in marine environments and over 90% in less than 2 years in landfill conditions.

The end products of biodegradation are similar to those of natural fibres, principally carbon dioxide, water and biomass.

The biodegradation process is comparable to that of natural fibres such as wool. Degradation occurs only when the fibres are in specific environments where they are exposed to moisture and microbes, such as a landfill.

Rest assured that pillows and duvets made with ADVA Terra will not biodegrade in your bed (just as cotton sheets do not).


ADVA®terra delivers exceptional softness, enhancing the comfort of duvets, pillows, and mattresses to promote a soothing sleep.


Precision-engineered, ADVA®terra offers excellent support in pillows and mattresses, maintaining their shape and comfort over time for an ideal sleeping position.


Tests have confirmed the durability of ADVA®terra fibres, remaining resilient even after more than 2 years of simulated use


In duvets, ADVA®terra provides enveloping warmth, creating a cosy and pleasant environment year-round.


ADVA®terra is machine washable and dryable, simplifying the maintenance of bedding products without sacrificing comfort or performance.


ADVA®terra - Comfort Without Compromise!

ADVA®terra seamlessly blends softness, optimal support, enveloping warmth, easy care, and durability.

More than just a fibre, ADVA®terra guarantees a comfortable, high-quality sleep experience and can be recycled or disposed of in an eco-friendly manner at the end of its life, contributing to environmental preservation.

Important information:

Environmental claims, including the use of the term biodegradable especially for B2C communication, are regulated by law. Please consult ADVANSA and your own advisors for information on permitted claims.