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REMOTION® - a Game-Changing Solution to Ocean Plastic Pollution with the Bonus of Biodegradability


Hamm, June 2023: Affiliated companies ADVANSA and Asia Pacific Fibers (APF) join forces to launch REMOTION®, a premium fibre for sports and activewear, made from recycled ocean-bound plastic bottles with full end-to-end traceability from Prevented Ocean Plastic™. REMOTION®, offers a breakthrough solution for innovative textiles that merges ocean protection with built-in biodegradability. The fibres break-down in marine environments to prevent microplastic pollution of the oceans, a pervasive problem which can be the consequence of fibre-shedding from apparel laundry waste-water.  Watch the video.

Remotion® offers a game-changing solution with various sustainable features such as biodegradability and recyclability, with customized performance features such as anti-bacterial properties and moisture management built-in to the fibre. Moreover, this premium fibre is also offered in customer curated colours that guarantee very good colour fastness. Thus, this “all-in-one” fibre contributes to a sustainable and healthy environment with remarkable savings in water, energy, chemicals, and CO2. The fibre is available in a range of filament and staple options with two variants:  REMOTION® Blue made from ocean-bound plastic bottles, REMOTION® Green made from domestic recycled plastic bottles.

REMOTION® Blue is a specially engineered polyester fibre made from ocean-bound plastic as a premium raw material with a social aspect.  ADVANSA and APF are cooperating with Prevented Ocean Plastic™, a global recycling initiative that helps tens of thousands of people around the world to clean their coastlines, prevent ocean plastic pollution and earn additional income. Discarded plastic bottles are picked up by plastic collectors from coastal areas at risk of ocean plastic pollution and are taken to collection centres. The plastic bottles are then sorted out, cleaned and processed into raw material flakes which are used as a premium ingredient for REMOTION® Blue range of products.  

REMOTION® can (and should) be recycled like standard polyester at the end of the garment’s useful life. Unfortunately, mass apparel recycling is not available today, and here the fibre is a true game changer. Unlike traditional synthetic fibres, if they end up in landfill or marine environments, Remotion® is modified to naturally break down over time, at a rate comparable with natural fibres like wool: up to 40% within a year in landfill or in marine environment and over 90% within four years.* This reduces the accumulation of non-biodegradable waste and the risk of plastic and microplastic pollution in the environment, in stark contrast to the hundreds of years that it takes for a traditional synthetic fibre to break down.

REMOTION® fibres are also designed for performance. A unique “triple-cross” modified cross-section enables a faster moisture distribution, compared to other fabrics, for superior breathability and optimum wearing comfort. Additionally, REMOTION® can offer the option of excellent antibacterial properties achieved by Quat-Silanes delivering great anti-odour benefits. It inhibits the growth of harmful microorganisms providing additional protection against bacteria.

The option of high colour fastness for long-lasting usage is another remarkable property, achieved thanks to dope dying process employed during the fibre making process. These dope dyed fibres also contribute an enable other favourable sustainable practices like, less consumption of water, chemicals, energy, and lower CO2 emissions by the downstream fabric makers and thus minimizing the wastewater pollution in the environment. The high colour fastness derived from the dope dyed process ensures that products made from these fibres maintain their visual appeal over time, enhancing their durability and longevity.

ADVANSA and Asia Pacific Fibers, with a long history of technology and process expertise, are launching this exciting product at the Performance Days in Munich from 3-5 October 2023, putting their latest innovation at the forefront of biodegradability, recyclability, and performance.

APF’s plants in Semarang, Indonesia (Polyester Filament) and Karawang, Indonesia (Polyester Staple Fibre) have qualified for the independent Global Recycle Standard (GRS) which certifies both traceability of materials, as well as social and ethical compliance.

The aim is to participate in the transformation in the textile industry towards a more sustainable and circular economy focused on the well-being of humans, the earth, and future generations. Here, cutting-edge technology and sustainability go hand-in-hand.

*Biodegradation rates strongly depend on individual factors like temperature, moisture, surface area and exposure of final article in the soil, types of microorganisms present in the soil, and many more.

REMOTION® is a registered trademark of ADVANSA.

Watch the video.