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ADVANSA is a leading European fibre producer based in Germany, supplying customers worldwide through a network of logistic centres and representative offices. The company is recognized for its wide portfolio of high tech and branded fibres made of diverse polymers. As the leader in innovation, ADVANSA excels in research and development and is committed to sustainability and the environment in the design of its products and its industrial processes.  Since March 2020 ADVANSA is affiliated through common shareholders with APF (Asia Pacific Fibres). More

Our Vision

We are Europe’s leading fiber producer, with a reputation for superior quality, innovative products and a commitment to environmentally responsible products and manufacturing processes. We strive to create and test meaningful product solutions to meet consumer needs and make customer service a leading priority, from concept to creation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build long-term and profitable relationships with partners along the supply chain by bringing added value to our customers through innovative & sustainable branded polyester technology.

Our values

The safety and health of our employees and end-users is foremost and fundamental to everything we do at ADVANSA: from product development, through manufacturing operations to logistics and marketing. Respecting the environment is also a core value including ecological awareness and improvement of sustainability in our operations and products throughout the supply chain.

ADVANSA has a strong track record as an industry leader in innovation, quality, customer service and marketing. Striving for excellence in all aspects of what we do is fundamental to being competitive in the future – from our people, to our products, and the added value and service that we bring to the market.

ADVANSA is an agile and technologically advanced company. We value innovation, openness, thinking differently, proactivity and independence. We are motivated, empowered employees with the daily challenge of seeking new solutions for the betterment of the consumer lifestyle and the wellness of our environment for future generations. 

Our strengths

Technology and R&D

ADVANSA has a rich history in developing industrial innovations that inspire R&D's continuous improvement of processes and products. In collaborative R&D activities with operational teams, institutes and universities, a steady stream of innovative and profitable products are developed and tested. ADVANSA has a competitive market advantage, anticipating the expectations and needs of consumers while also offering technical expertise and extensive experience in the industry.


Marketing & Brands

We conduct consumer research, analysing the consumer's needs as well as their response to our innovations, inspiring valuable and relevant product solutions. ADVANSA´s brand portfolio is a valuable asset, driving sustained brand recognition internationally and standing out among competition for innovation, proven product performance and premium quality. Each brand confirms its compliance with ADVANSA´s quality standards, promising world-class quality.


Environmental engagement to support and protect future generations through sustainable production is fundamental at ADVANSA. Our daily work is to achieve the reduction of environmental impact and the sustainability of our operations and products. Thanks to recycling technology, ADVANSA produces and markets high-quality polyester fibers made with eco-friendly manufacturing, reducing the consumption of water, land and energy. 




  • Fifty years of know-how
  • Responsiveness
  • High-quality branded products


  • Customized products according to specific needs
  • Customer focused packaging options
  • Technical support
  • Custom logistics solutions to optimize transport


  • State-of-the-art R&D
  • Cooperation with selected partners and institutes
  • Investments in new product development
  • Continuous improvement of existing technologies

Our history

March 2020

Since March 2020 ADVANSA is affiliated through common shareholders with APF (Asia Pacific Fibres).


September 2016

ADVANSA expands its portfolio dealing with fibres from other polymers, next to its main activity of the production of fibres made of polyester (PET).


June 2011

ADVANSA BV is acquired from Sabanci by a group of investors including senior management of ADVANSA and a European leader in recycling.


October 2006

La Seda de Barcelona SA bought ADVANSA’s PET, PTA and Preforms businesses in the UK, Turkey and Romania.


March 2005

DuPontSA took on a new name, ADVANSA, symbolizing a company forging ahead, and intended as a catalyst for change.


October 2004

DuPont de Nemours sold its stake in the DuPontSA joint venture to its partner, Turkish holding company Haci Omer Sabanci.


January 2000

DuPont’s European polyester division joined forces with Turkish conglomerate Sabanci Holding in the joint venture: DuPont Sabanci Polyester.



Cooperation between DuPont and Sabanci began with the first US technology transfers.



ICI and DuPont ended their alliance and became competitors, until 1998, when DuPont acquired its rival’s polyester division.


Late 1940s

ICI and DuPont invented and produced the first polyester resins and fibres for the world market.


Asia Pacific Fibers

ASIA PACIFIC FIBERS is a major polyester manufacturer in Indonesia with a large domestic market share. APF’s annual revenue averages approximately US$430 million and converts its polymer production capacity of 900 tons per day between chips, fibers and continuous filament yarn. APF’s unique feature is its optimized flexible manufacturing infrastructure which enables it to produce a range of products from specialty coloured yarn to a variety of performance-oriented products.


APF's strenghts

Integration and scale

Market Presence



APF Brands

Staple fibers

Filament yarns