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Innovative Hometextile

ADVANSA’s branded filling fibres are adapted for a wide range of home textile applications, combining excellence in comfort, technical performance and environmental protection.

ADVANSA's unique quality and brand licensing program

Our fibre innovation is backed by a unique quality and brand licensing program. This ensures that all finished products carrying our individually numbered brand label are produced by a licensed manufacturer and meet strict ADVANSA quality standards.

More information on sustainability

Our existing brands come with an "eco2" brand extension that clearly identifies our products environmental benefits, and stresses their reduced CO2 footprint. All products carrying our eco2 logo qualify for the EU ecolabel.

The "Technology that cares" design from ADVANSA communicates the importance of environmental protection and consumers' direct responsibility. This communication tool is available for the full eco friendly range of fillings.

All filling fibres that have been awarded the EU Eco-label have met strict test specifications. These are checked by independent public institutions. Eco-friendliness here refers to both the production and the ingredients of the fibres. All ADVANSA brand fibres that are environmentally friendly in a special way in the product and/or in the production bear this brand addition.

Carbon compensation, equivalent to the remaining CO2 emissions, is achieved through investments in ecological programs in partnership with Natural Capital Partners. Carbon credits are invested in projects such as the reduction of deforestation in Borneo rain-forest to protect the biodiversity, investment in wind power in India or cook-stoves in Mexico.