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Fibre Innovation from ADVANSA 2023

Dacron® Re-Comfort

A 100 % recycled fibre that now consists of 50 % recycled pre-consumer textile waste and 50 % recycled flakes from PET bottles.

Suprelle® & Hemp

Suprelle® & Hemp is an intimate blend of polyester fibres with 20 % sustainable hemp fibres sustainable cultivation in Europe and 80 % recycled hollow polyester fibre. This ecologically designed filling fibre is durable, breathable and absorbs moisture effectively.

Dacron® Sensation

The new down-alternative filling fibre DACRON® Sensation incorporates a new silicone treatment on the fibre. A new gel technology with microscopic “gel particles” embedded in the fibre are designed to create a fluffy, cushioning effect allowing the pillow to adapt to the shape of head & neck. The fibre is manufactured from recycled plastic bottles in an environmentally friendly process.

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Dacron® Mint Protect

DACRON® Mint Protect, a new filling fibre incorporates peppermint, for odourless, natural anti-dustmite and anti-microbial performance. The high-tech fibre ensures its loftiness and resilience over time, giving you long-lasting support for a rejuvenating sleep experience.

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Aerelle® Blue

Made with Social Plastic®

Aerelle® Blue fabrics have been developed for home textiles (sheets, bedding, mattress ticking, duvet and pillow covers, towelling, curtains), and ready-to-wear. Made from high-quality sustainable fibres from recycled bottles collected in coastal areas, these innovative fabrics are consistent with ADVANSA commitment to protecting the oceans.

Dacron® with Activated Charcoal

ADVANSA introduces the first filling fibre made with activated charcoal obtained by the carbonation of a plant, the water chestnut, for its high capacity of gas absorption, toxins, bacteria and pesticide residues. DACRON® with Activated Charcoal is a hydrophilic hollow fibre mixed with activated charcoal at the polymer stage during production. It shows a significantly better hydrophilic performance compared to standard polyester fibre while providing ideal antiodor properties and outstanding moisture management. 

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Dacron® Eco-Energy

Dacron® Eco-Energy filling fibre incorporates organic minerals that emit far infrared rays and generate relaxing warmth all night long. Far infrared rays are scientifically recognised for their beneficial effects on the human body. Duvets filled with Dacron® Eco-Energy fibres warm the body up 30% faster than standard fibres. They are machine washable and dryable.

Hollofil® Nature Protect

with Linseed oil

Linseed oil, extracted from flax seed, is a biodegradable, nontoxic vegetable oil with anti-dustmite properties. Hollofil® Nature Protect filling fibre is a cosy and fluffy fibre with a natural dustmite treatment based on 100% linseed oil extract. It complies with the Oekotex 100 standard, including class 1 for baby products. Linseed oil is included in Annex I of the Biocide Regulation n°528/2012.

Comforel® Cool Night

Comforel® Cool Night is a filling fibre specially designed for ergonomic pillows. This new filling material is a combination of ball-fibre and memory foam chips. It effectively adapts to the contours of the head and neck, providing excellent neck support and muscle tension relief. The special Air Flow Crimp technology of the fibre ensures superior heat dissipation, while the hydrophilic surface treatment of the fibre optimises moisture transport. Comforel® Cool Night offers breathable sleeping comfort with optimal air circulation and is certified by AGR (Campaign for Healthier Backs), Federal Association of German Back Schools (BdR) e.V. and the Association Forum Healthy Back e.V. – Better Living. Comforel® Cool Night pillows were tested by the Research Society for Industrial Anthropology in Kiel in 2022 and the ergonomic properties were confirmed.

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Suprelle® Pearl

All night long, the eco-friendly Suprelle® Pearl fibre balls adjust to your movements of your head and neck, providing you with a balanced support. The specially designed structure of the fibre balls means that the pillows are resistant to matting and crushing keeping their original shape. Excellence in comfort and performance paired with sustainability, to build a better tomorrow.

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ADVA® terra

A Strategy to Reduce Plastic Pollution

ADVA®terra - ADVANSA's latest innovation - is a biodegradable polyester fibre made from 100% recycled raw materials. The fibres are engineered by a special process to provide biodegradation capabilities* without compromising the favourable mechanical properties of PET. ADVA®terra is available as filament or fibre in various fineness and cut length combinations. Thus, ADVA®terra can be used in production across diverse end-use applications, even for applications with food contact.

*Further information available on request.

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ADVA® Blue

Made with Social Plastic®

ADVA® Blue polyester fibers for the nonwovens industry made from Social Plastic® are one of the most recognized ways to prevent plastic waste in the ocean, as a result of a partnership with the social enterprise Plastic Bank. ADVANSA uses Social Plastic® as a valuable raw material in the production of ADVA® Blue polyester fibers. ADVANSA's portfolio "Made with Social Plastic®" includes staple fibers, short cut fibers and tow, which are well suited for various branches of industry, such as for hygiene and medicine, filtration, automotive, etc.