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Advanced Fibre Technology

Our sustainable fibre collection is remade responsibly from recycled plastic bottles and produced with environmentally conscious operations for a clean, sustainable future.

ADVANSA is a leading polyester fibre supplier based in Germany and part of a large global polyester group. ADVANSA is known for its wide portfolio of high-tech and branded polyester fibres and is recognized for its innovation and commitment to sustainability.

Our fibres are suitable for the following applications.

ADVANSA Innovations

Innovations for Home Textiles

Innovations for Technical Applications

If you look inside our fibre, there is a story to tell...

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Experience Sustainable Comfort with 100% Recycled, Recycable & Biodegradable ADVA®terra

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ADVANSA, a leader in innovative bedding solutions, is pleased to announce the introduction of ADVA®terra, a groundbreaking polyester filling fibre that is 100% recycled, recycable and biodegradable, designed to elevate the comfort and performance of pillows, mattresses, and duvets. With a unique blend of luxurious softness, optimal support, and enveloping warmth, ADVA®terra promises to transform…

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Comfort and ergonomic support combined in innovative pillow for healthy sleep


15th March is Back Health Day & World Sleep Day!

In the realm of sleep, there is a large demand for innovations that not only offer comfort but also health-promoting properties. A good pillow, providing optimal support for the head and neck, is essential for a healthy sleep. Its task is to ensure correct alignment of the spine and a comfortable sleeping position. Therefore, ergonomic pillows are…

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New and sustainable impulses in the bedding market

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Environmental concerns and the improvement of sustainability aspects have become important priorities in the corporate culture of the fibre specialist ADVANSA from Germany. As one of the most innovative suppliers in the bedding sector, the company is once again presenting a range of trailblazing concepts and new developments at this year's Heimtextil trade fair in Frankfurt.

DACRON® RE-Comfort -…

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