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ADVA® MegaBond: The Revolutionary Binder Fibre for Recyclable, Self-Reinforcing Nonwovens

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Hamm 02.04.2020: The fibre technologist ADVANSA / Germany has recently launched ADVA® MegaBond, the next generation in binding available for the nonwoven market. The company introduced this revolutionary new product family of binder fibre, perfectly suitable for both wetlaid and dry laid nonwovens. The fibre is supplied in amorphous state and can be used in many combinations with other fibres to create a strong, self-reinforcing network which is 100% recyclable.

The preferred choice for a functional and strong network is regular polyester fibre. A broad range of nonwovens with engineered properties can be created, including thermoformable composites
consisting of a single polymer. The processed combination of crystalline and amorphous fibre results in self-reinforcing structures which is triggered by thermal treatment: the end product can be moulded into any shape to fit the technical needs. The technology can replace for example injection moulding. It can also be used for applications such as fine-pored filters.
A most simple composition of a functional layer in a complex article, or even the whole final article offers great advantages in recyclability. 

ADVANSA supplies fibers with very low linear density, which – so far – are rarely available on the market: the fibre offering starts with a fine range at 1.6dtex including shortcut version for wet laid
processes and crimped staple fibres for dry laid processing. In addition, coarser versions can be produced including post-consumer recycled feedstock and black pigmented material on request.
ADVA® MegaBond is also suitable for food contact (FDA, BfR, EU 10/2011 compliant), hygiene and medical applications. For thermal bonding, a broad process window between 140°C and more than
220°C can be used, to either form dense, strong and very thermostable structures, or more open, porous products.
Polyester is known as the most suitable material for pelletizing, re-melting and extrusion into new fibers. ADVANSA takes advantage of this opportunity for more than one decade. With the circular
economy goals defined in the EU, the “design for recycling” topic will gain more and more importance in many sectors. ADVA® MegaBond is a German made offering to rethink recipes and
concept into better recyclable options.

build a better tomorrow…
…together with ADVANSA!
ADVA® is a registered trademark of ADVANSA.