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"At ADVANSA our mission is to continuously innovate with superior and sustainable fibre solutions, combining the best in comfort and functionality with environmental responsibility."

Advansa's Management

ADVANSA is a leading European polyester fibre producer, based in Germany and supplying customersworldwide. In the past 10 years, ADVANSA switched 90% of fibre production to using post-consumer recycled plastic as araw material instead of virgin petrochemicalfeedstocks.

The company uses over 2million recycled bottles every day. Independent life-cycle analysis studies have confirmed a reduction of approximately 80% in global warming potential (carbon footprint) and 77% reduction in non-renewable energy use.

Latest technology micro-filtration allows ADVANSA to produce the highest quality, high-tech fibres, there by upcycling waste plastic to become first-grade products.

As an early adopter of the EU ecolabel, we actively promote use of sustainable polyester to our customers.

Certified ISO 50001, ADVANSA has also invested to become more energy efficient and reduce its carbon footprint by using environmentally friendly technologies. The main areas of focus are controlling waste, energy, and material flow with clearly defined goals for creating a productive, efficient, and safe workplace.

ADVANSA is also committed to transparency and traceability and is certified by GRS, which certifies the production of fibre using post-consumer recycled plastic.

ADVANSA recently partnered with Plastic Bank to stop ocean plastic by preventing plastic waste from entering rivers and oceans, in regions that do not have efficient and formal waste systems, while at the same time opening new opportunities for people in poverty, contributing to support over 17,000 collectors from coastal areas in Haiti, the Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil and Egypt. ADVANSA uses the plastic collected as a valuable raw material for polyester fibres.