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New and sustainable impulses in the bedding market

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Environmental concerns and the improvement of sustainability aspects have become important priorities in the corporate culture of the fibre specialist ADVANSA from Germany. As one of the most innovative suppliers in the bedding sector, the company is once again presenting a range of trailblazing concepts and new developments at this year's Heimtextil trade fair in Frankfurt.

DACRON® RE-Comfort - Transforming Textile Waste into Valuable Resources

One of the most important developments is certainly the new, sustainable DACRON® RE-Comfort, a 100% recycled filling fibre for pillows and duvets, of which the percentage of recycled textile waste has been significantly increased. The new fibre now consists of 50 percent recycled textile waste and 50 percent recycled flakes from PET bottles, significantly reducing the dependence on conventional raw materials or recycled PET bottles and the CO2 footprint.

The result is a sustainable, Oeko-Tex-certified filling fibre for duvets and pillows that is long-lasting and easy to care for, without compromising on quality or comfort properties. It provides soft insulation for duvets and firm head and neck support for pillows. Bedding with DACRON® Re-Comfort is machine washable and suitable for tumble drying.

DACRON® Sensation – Down-Like Feel with Innovative Gel Technology

Since the invention of polyester, engineers from ADVANSA have continuously worked towards the goal of achieving the comfort of down: combining lightness and ultra softness. The new DACRON® Sensation filling fibre is a down alternative that, thanks to a new "gel technology," imparts ultra-soft comfort to the fibres. Microscopic "gel particles" are directly integrated into the fibre’s structure during production, resulting in an extremely soft, fluffy, and supple touch. The DACRON® Sensation fibre filling is produced in an environmentally friendly process from recycled bottle flakes and is 100% recycled, GRS- and Oeko-Tex certified. The microfibres imitate the luxurious feel of natural down while offering excellent durability with hypoallergenic properties.

DACRON® Mint-Protect – Natural Dust Mite Protection With Peppermint Oil

Natural products and those based on mint are more and more popular due to their many health benefits and their versatile use. Peppermint essential oil is widely used in wellness and personal care products such as food supplements, cosmetics, toothpaste, and hair products. With DACRON® Mint Protect, ADVANSA has developed a filling fibre with an active ingredient made from 100% Peppermint essential oil providing odourless, natural anti-dustmite and anti-bacterial performance. This active ingredient is polymerized on the filling fibre during production and lasts wash after wash. The soft and fluffy fibre DACRON® Mint Protect offers good insulation properties in duvets and optimum support for the head and neck in pillows.

Suprelle® with Hemp – A Breathable Comfort With A Touch Of Nature

Hemp is an increasingly popular trend in today’s market, in the food industry and the health, wellness and textile industry. It is found in textiles for its sustainable, breathable and long-lasting properties. Hemp is considered an environmentally friendly alternative due to its rapid growth, low need for water and its ability to be grown without the excessive use of pesticides.

It can absorb up to 70% more moisture than cotton without feeling damp. This makes it an ideal fibre for bedding, helping to keep skin dry and comfortable. Suprelle® with Hemp embodies an environmentally conscious filling that leverages the natural benefits of hemp. This innovative blend comprises recycled polyester fibres and 20% hemp fibres sourced from sustainable European harvest. This combination makes it an excellent choice for bedding, offering durability, breathability, and effective moisture absorption.

Aerelle® Blue Fabrics – Safeguarding the Oceans

Since the introduction of Aerelle® Blue filling fibres, ADVANSA has been committed to protecting the oceans and actively contributing to reducing the impact of plastic waste on the oceans by producing the fibres from recycled plastic bottles collected from already polluted coastal regions.

Building on the success of Aerelle® Blue filling fibres, ADVANSA continues its commitment to ocean protection by introducing Aerelle® Blue Fabrics. These fabrics, developed for home textiles and apparel, are made from recycled plastic bottles collected from polluted beaches, rivers, and coastal areas before being recycled. By incorporating Aerelle® Blue Fabrics and filling fibres into bedding, ADVANSA offers high-quality and sustainable sleep comfort, contributing to the preservation of vulnerable marine ecosystems.