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Comfort and ergonomic support combined in innovative pillow for healthy sleep


15th March is Back Health Day & World Sleep Day!

In the realm of sleep, there is a large demand for innovations that not only offer comfort but also health-promoting properties. A good pillow, providing optimal support for the head and neck, is essential for a healthy sleep. Its task is to ensure correct alignment of the spine and a comfortable sleeping position. Therefore, ergonomic pillows are indispensable for individuals looking to not only ease issues such as neck tension, muscle strains, or tension-related headaches but also improve sleep quality and prevent discomfort.

One such product is our ergonomic Comforel® Cool Night Pillow, offering a unique combination of Comforel® Cool Night fibre balls for efficient moisture transport and viscoelastic memory foam chips.

This Oeko-Tex certified filling has been designed exclusively for ergonomic pillows to ensure ideal support for head and neck. The Comforel® Cool Night Pillow has been tested by the FIA (Research Society for Industrial Anthropology GmbH = Forschungsgesellschaft für Industrieanthropologie mbH), specialized in scientific and ergonomic sleep measurements; it meets all the necessary ergonomic criteria essential for restful sleep. Additionally, Comforel® Cool Night is certified with the AGR (Campaign for Healthy Backs) seal of approval and recommended by the German Back School Association (BdR) e.V. and the Forum Healthy Back e.V. for a Better Life.

Tests conducted by the FIA (Kiel 2022) showed that the Comforel® Cool Night pillow has a reduced pressure point distribution, improved moisture management and significantly better heat dissipation than the reference pillow. 

In comparison to viscoelastic foam pillows, the Comforel® Cool Night pillow is also characterized for its ability to adapt to the individual contours of the head and neck, ensuring improved pressure distribution. This is achieved due to the filling of Comforel® Cool Night, consisting of fibre balls and foam chips that perfectly adapt to the contours of the head and neck. Simultaneously, the pillow provides effective support to counteract muscle tension, promoting a natural spinal posture and contributing to the reduction of neck pain.

Furthermore, Comforel® Cool Night ensures breathable sleeping comfort with optimal air circulation, with the specific hydrophilic surface treatment of the fibre enhancing moisture transport, thus creating a more pleasant microclimate.

In independent tests at the FIA Institute, the Comforel® Cool Night pillow also demonstrated faster cooling. The innovative Air Flow Crimp Technology in the fibre ensures ideal heat dissipation, contributing to a comfortable sleeping climate.

Overall, the Comforel® Cool Night pillow offers an innovative and ergonomic solution for those seeking a product that not only provides comfort but also contributes to promoting healthy and restful sleep.

Comforel® Cool Night has been certified by AGR (Campaign for Healthy Backs) and Oeko-Tex. These certifications confirm that the product meets strict standards for ergonomics and environmental compatibility.

We at ADVANSA are pleased to once again be an official sponsor of the 23rd Day of Back Health on March 15, 2024! We understand the importance of back health and therefore put it in the spotlight on this day. A healthy back begins with restful sleep, and we are committed to significantly improving your sleep quality... with our exceptional fiber fillings, ideal for neck support pillows and temperature-regulating duvets, certified by the Campaign for Healthy Backs (AGR) e.V., for an optimal and back-friendly choice!