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Fibre producer in many sectors

ADVANSA, a leading European fibre producer based in Germany, is recognized for its wide portfolio of high-tech and branded fibres made of diverse polymers, and for its innovation and commitment to sustainability. ADVANSA fibres are suitable for the following applications:


Expert in fibre technology

  • Fifty years of Know-how
  • Responsiveness
  • High-quality branded products

Individual solutions

  • Customized products according to specific needs
  • Customer focused packaging options
  • Technical support
  • Custom logistics solutions to optimize transport


  • State-of-the-art R&D
  • Cooperation with selected partners and institutes
  • Investments in new product developments
  • Continuous improvement of existing technologies

New microfibre ADVA®shortcut with 0.2 dtex

| corporatenews industry products r&d

ADVANSA has expanded the ADVA®shortcut product portfolio to a new microfibre for wetlaid processing: with 0.2 dtex and a mean diameter of 4.3 µm, the material is designed for filtration and other technical applications. Available in cut length of 3 mm or longer, the material disperses homogenously in water. Filtration media with a small and narrow pore size distribution can be obtained, as the...

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| corporatenews expo industry

ADVANSA will be visiting the international filtration trade fair FILTECH, which will take place in Cologne from 13th to 15th March. Filter manufacturers from all over the world will present their latest innovations. 

FILTECH is an important exhibition for ADVANSA to find out the latest developments of the industry. As a European fibre manufacturer and a long-time supplier to the filter industry, ...

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Technology that cares

| corporatenews products sustainability

Reducing the environmental impact of the company´s activities and improving continously the sustainability of its operations and all products is fundamental at ADVANSA.

Thanks to its innovative technology ADVANSA produces and markets high-quality polyester fibres using polymer based on traceable post consumer PET bottles, allowing producing environmentally friendly with regard to the consumption...

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Experience the fibre world of ADVANSA at Zellcheming-Expo!

ADVANSA will showcase at the upcoming tradefair Zellcheming the newly launched brand ADVA® paper - specially engineered shortcut fibres applicable for wetlaid nonwovens in paper and filtration industries. ADVANSA´s complementary technology allows optimizing the properties of ADVA® paper which completely covers the range of achievable physical properties such as fineness, cut length, tenacity etc., enabling paper manufacturers to adjust their attributes of their products as needed.
If you are interested in finding out more about ADVA® paper, please come and visit us at Zellcheming-Expo in Frankfurt from 26.-28. June 2018, Hall 4.1 - C28. Our presentation "Synthetic Fibres for Paper Applications and Sustainability Aspects" will be on Wednesday, 27th June 15:20h at Messeforum.

Dates & Events 2018

Heimtextil 9-12.01.2018 Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland
Filtech 13-15.03.2018 Köln, Deutschland
Energy Storage Europe 13-15.03.2018 Düsseldorf, Deutschland
Hannover Messe 23-27.04.2018 Hannover, Deutschland
Specialty Papers Europe 23-25.04.2018 Köln, Deutschland
Interior Lifestyle 30.05-1.06.2018 Tokyo, Japan
EuroBrake 22-24.05.2018 Den Hague, Holland
Electrical Energy Storage (ees) 20-22.06.2018 München, Deutschland
Electrify Europe 19-21.06.2018 Wien, Österreich
Zellcheming Expo 26-28.06.2018 Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland
HGH India 3-5.07.2018 Mumbai, India
Intertextile coming soon Shanghai, China
Dornbirn-GFC 12-14.09.2018 Dornbirn, Österreich 
European Lead Battery Conf &Expo 4-07.09.2018 Wien, Österreich
Suistainable Textile School 10-12.09.2018 Chemniz, Deutschland
Heimtextil Russia 18-20.09.2018 Moskau, Russische Föderation
InnoTrans 18-21.09.2018 Berlin, Deutschland
PAP for Russia 13-16.11.2018 Sankt Petersburg, Russische Föderation