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DACRON® Quallofil® Premium

Luxurious Comfort

The research and development department at ADVANSA has developed a new generation of QUALLOFIL® fillings and has further improved their features. Unique on the market, this siliconized, spiral-shaped hollow fibre contains a higher void content, providing 15% more bulk than the previous QUALLOFIL® fibre.

QUALLOFIL® PREMIUM ALLERBAN® is also highly effective in preventing the build up of dust mites in the duvet and pillow fillings and also have antibacterial properties to guarantee the hygienic qualities of the product fillings.

QUALLOFIL® PREMIUM and QUALLOFIL® PREMIUM ALLERBAN® fillings are the highest-quality and most luxurious versions of the DACRON® fibrefill range, giving you an incomparable sense of loft and softness.