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Available in:

  • Cut length range 38 mm-75 mm
  • Fineness range 1,3 dtex-13,0 dtex
  • Modified cross-sections
  • Permanent hydrophilic
  • Antibacterial
  • White and black
  • Optically brightened

Other physical properties upon customer requirements.


ADVA®Staple available in following options:

  • Production in Germany
  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing process
  • Certifications by independent institutes (e.g. GRS)
  • High-quality resources from trusted sources
  • Traceability through a close cooperation with suppliers
  • ADVANSA is the first fibre manufacturer worldwide producing recycled fibres which are safe for food contact end uses (FDA compliant)

With this offer we are one step closer to building a sustainable future.


ADVA®Staple HYDRO fibres are permanently hydrophilic, which are perfectly suitable for hydroentanglement. ADVA®Staple in HYDRO Version is ideal for hygienic articles as well as technical applications where wettability is important.


ADVA®Staple UV Option is an optically brightened fibre becoming visible in the UV range through the use of additives which also ensures an excellent covering effect in textile applications.


ADVA®Staple  as ECO version is ADVANSA‘s innovative, high-quality fibre with an improved carbon footprint designed to support sustainability. Thanks to its sophisticated technologies, ADVANSA produces and markets ADVA®Staple ECO fibres using polymer based on traceable post consumer PET bottles, allowing environmentally friendly production.