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Bi-Component (BiCo)

ADVANSA's bi-component fibres consist of two components: a core of PET and a shell of CoPET or PE. Both polymers have different softening or melting temperatures. The melting temperature of the core is higher than the temperature of the shell, therefore the shell melts at a certain temperature creating a bonding between the respective core fibres in the mixture of the current matrix.


  • Different melting ranges available
  • Strong fibre bonding
  • High resistance of the final product
  • Textile character of the nonwoven
  • Volume and pores preserved
  • Good processability

Advantages of ADVANSA fibres:

  • Exclusively high-quality fibres
  • Large portfolio
  • Customized product modifications
  • Individual order quantities
  • Diverse packaging options
  • "Made in Germany"
  • Technical Support